Sunday, January 20, 2013

Barbarian Dagger - Kullervo

This dagger, named after the Finnish tragic hero Kullervo, is loosely inspired by antenna hilted knives from the Hallstatt period. It's forged of four strands of pattern-welded steel-- the two center strands are nine layers each and the spine and edge are seven hundred layers. I found it in a dark drawer down a side corridor of my subconscious.

At its widest point Kullervo is 4.8cm and it is 38.5cm long. The stand is birds-eye rock maple.

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Fimbulmyrk said...

I really love the flowing interpretation of the antenna part. The damascus is simply wonderful!Have you ever made a Sutton Hoo replica? Reminds me a bit of the pattern!

I personally would have chosen a more leaf-shaped or recurve line in the edge shape to better correspond with the flowing antenna design, but who am I to argue, it´s a real great knife! Inspiring...*ggg*. I also like the stand, maple, is it?